Early Intervention & Investigation is an absolute necessity to obtain the proper diagnosis for all insurance related claims. In order to ensure that every claimant is being properly treated for their alleged injury, an IME or medical record review should be conducted. IMEDVIEW, Inc. is a highly qualified, independent assistant for this process.

An early review will assist in the prevention of fraud, which can cost your company millions of dollars, stemming from unnecessary, excessive and expensive treatments. Our professionals can conduct a medical record review or peer review that will assist in the early assessment of your claims, which can and will lead to future savings.

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) may be what you require, to get a firm grasp on the extent of the injury. An IME can be requested for one specific question or may need to address multiple questions. Those questiions could include but not limited to: providing a diagnosis, the need for further treatment, casual relationship of injury to the date of loss, current medical status, maximum medical improvement & scheduled loss of use.

Of importance, all IME’s & medical services IMEDVIEW, Inc. provides are performed a highly credentialed, American Board Certified, actively treating physicians. All examining physicians that have been placed on Imedview’s panel have been credentialed via 8 nationally recognized credentialing sources.

Listed below are the benefits of utilizing IMEDVIEW, Inc. These benefits clearly distinguish us from other medical examination services and private physicians.


When a claimant is receiving weekly benefits or is presenting you with a history of disability, the true value of an IME is significantly less than the expense you might incur with a delayed and/or inaccurate assessment of the claimant. For this reason, accurate, prompt examinations and medical reports have been the hallmark of IMEDVIEW, Inc. Our company is a wise choice to save you money through accuracy, timeliness and efficiency.


IMEDVIEW, Inc. employs a staff comprised of people with legal, insurance, claims and medical experience. The experience, combined with highly qualified Physicians of all specialties, creates a strong partnership of people who understand insurance and legal procedures for the applicable laws.
Consequently, every IMEDVIEW Physician is well-versed regarding the regulations governing the wide spectrum of Workers’ Compensation, Disability and Liability claims. This claims training and knowledge enables the IMEDVIEW Physicians to write a medical report addressing the pertinent claims issues. All medical reports are reviewed by a qualified IMEDVIEW staff person. You can always be certain that the IMEDVIEW medical report will be the best medical report you can obtain.


IMEDVIEW, Inc. recognizes the need to expedite certain examinations and medical reports and is always ready to provide medical reports as quickly as you need them. Ordinarily, an IME examination is scheduled approximately ten to fourteen days from the date of request. This allows you time to forward pertinent information necessary for the examination to our office. We then forward this information to the appropriate examining Physician’s office. This time frame also provides the claimant and / or claimant’s attorney with adequate notification.
Signed medical reports are normally provided within 10 days of the examination. Please advise us upon scheduling an examination on those cases that you will need the examination results provided as expeditiously as possible. This enables us to coordinate the process with the examining Physician much prior to the examination.