Medical Reports

IMEDVIEW, Inc. provides highly personalized service in obtaining comprehensive, detailed and well-documented Medical Reviews & Independent Medical Examinations (also known as an IME, IME’s, Independent Medical evaluations or Second Opinion evaluations).

The IME medical reports we provide are professionally worded so that Attorneys, Claims Personnel, RN’s and Human Resource Managers are able to better evaluate their claims and the extensiveness of injuries related to those claims.

IMEDVIEW, Inc. provides one of the most thorough and comprehensive IME medical reports in the industry and are distinguished by the following:

  • IME & medical review narrative reports are all typed on the Examining Physicians’ Letterhead.
  • IME & medical review narrative reports are addressed as directed by the client or attorney’s firm and are distributed to all parties as requested.
  • IME & medical review narrative reports include all pertinent information applicable to your case such as claimant/plaintiff name, insured name, claim/file number and the date of the alleged injury.
  • IME & medical review narrative reports include a descriptive history section of the alleged injury as reported to the Examining Physician by the claimant/plaintiff or re-created through the review of medical & legal records.
  • IME & medical review narrative reports contain a comprehensive record review of all pertinent medical records and legal documents made available with a section detailing the date, location and impression of the diagnostic tests and actual imaging films reviewed.
  • IME narrative reports contain a thorough & objective exam section by the Examining Physician in which the physician’s assessment/opinions are based.
  • IME reports reference an impression/diagnosis within the scope of the physicians’ specialty and the alleged injuries upon which the case is based.
  • An attestation statement is documented directly above the doctor’s signature for any IME & medical review narrative reports.
  • IME & medical review narrative reports, when necessary are reviewed by an attorney in matters of law.
  • It is important to note that opinions regarding a physicians’ recommendation for further treatment & causality (causal relationship) are not addressed in an IME report unless specifically requested by the client or your firm. Physicians’ will comment on the examination requests as specified by the client or your firm.