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Imedview, Inc. provides highly personalized service in obtaining comprehensive, detailed, and well-documented medical reviews and independent medical examiantions.

Imedview, Inc. provides some of the most thorough and comprehensive IME medical reports in the industry, specifically tailored to liability cases, and we are distinguished by the following:

All reports are submitted on the physicians’ letterhead and not preprinted forms, and each is addressed as directed by the client.

All pertinent information regarding your case, including claimant name, claim and file numbers, insured’s name, date of injury, will be noted on the final report.

Medical records provided for review are listed and annotated on every report as well as being referenced in the narrative history provided.

The examining physician’s in which his process of assessment and findings are detailed and, if necessary, charted and an attestation is included in the signature section of every report.

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